Boca de Tomatlám

Boca de Tomatlám

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The Boca de Tomatlán tour is a lush canyon of tropical deciduous forest with tropical ecotones, the area provides excellent birding sites, for tropical and jungle species

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Tropical and jungle species

In Boca de tomatlan you can find, TROGONS, HUMMINGBIRDS, WOODPECKERS, MILITARY MACAWS, PARROTS, AND PARAKEETS. Also by the ocean side facing Banderas bay ocean, we can spot species such as TERNS, SEAGULLS, FRIGATE BIRDS, AND SOME TIMES EVEN THE BLUE-FOOTED AND BROWN BOBBIES- In early morning or late afternoons we can observe species that are specialize on nesting by waterfalls, Such as WHITE- COLLARED SWIFTS, AND WHITE NAPED SWIFTS, and possible GREAT SWALLOW-TAILED SWIFT. By early March the Tomatlán river will be running with the low flow, this will allow us to see species of wading and wetlands birds, like; SANDPAIPERS, HERONS, EGRETS,IBISES, including the spectacular ROSEATE SPOOONBILL.

 This overall wonderful area is highlighted by some tropical Sierra Madres foothills, and tropical ecotones, allow us to see higher elevation species, plus a myard of tropical and sea level species where western mexican endemics, and local specialties share the same habitats with some wintering migratory species. THE AREA CAN BE EASILY BIRDED WITHIN 2 OR 3 HOURS AND THE AREA IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE FROM VALLARTA, SOME 20 Minutes AWAY FROM TOWN.


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    Meeting and presentation of tour members. Driving to Boca de Tomatlan for doing some birding in the area. Time for a coffee break and a snack by the beach.

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