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Cabo Corrientes constitutes a rich, largely intact block of forest types, ranging from tropical deciduous, broadleaf and even palm forest from sea level to around 350m (1200’), grading to encinal (pine-oak associations), and finally coniferous forests above 1000m (3400’).

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We’ll explore the birds of the encinal bordering Provincia Road (elevations ranging from 730-1000m [2400-3400’] elevation), as we access one of the richest habitats—especially for woodpeckers, warblers, tanagers, thrushes, macaws, owls and hummingbirds—in this extension of Mexico’s lofty and phenomenally bird-rich Sierra Madre mountain range rising above the blue waters of the tropical eastern Pacific.

Examples of some exciting species we may encounter include but are not limited to: Short-tailed and Zone-tailed hawks; Colima Pygmy-Owl (endemic); Berylline and White-eared hummingbirds; Elegant Trogon; Gray-crowned (endemic), Lineated and Arizona woodpeckers; Military Macaw (possible flyovers); Lilac-crowned Parrot (endemic); White-striped Woodcreeper (endemic); Cordilleran Flycatcher; Gray-collared Becard; Golden Vireo (endemic); Mexican Jay; Bushtit (Black-eared form); Spotted Wren (endemic); Brown-backed Solitaire; Orange-billed

Nightingale-Thrush; Crescent-chested and Rufous-capped warblers; Slate-throated Redstart; Hepatic and Flame-colored tanagers; Black-vented Oriole; Elegant Euphonia (occasionally sighted where mistletoe is abundant) and Black- headed Siskin (endemic).

Of course a constellation of migratory hummingbirds and passerines will also be present, and there is an outside chance to sight one of the rarer neotropical raptors.

Access is by mini-van and by foot, with strategic stops where bird activity catches our eyes.

Difficulty rating: 1

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